Client: The Civic Games Lab, SMART NGO & Friedrich Naumann Foundation
Conceptualized by: Abeer Kapoor
Research & Narrative:
Kritvi Rana, Sabita Digal & Abeer Kapoor
Photography: Ayush Singh
Visual Design: Meher Rajpal
‘Farzi’ is a product of the Civic Games Lab, a project led under the New Delhi based NGO, SMART. It has been built with support from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, a German not-for-profit establishment committed to the idea of freedom and dignity for all in over sixty nations.
This game aims to apprise users of the fact that living in the world of the digital, comes with its own set of challenges that are different from the conventional notions of citizenship. The game is updated regularly with up-to-date headlines & the questions are curated for each kind of audience.
Fake news contributes to the spread of misinformation. Participate in a quiz competition to test your facts and come out better informed.

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