Client: The Civic Games Lab, SMART NGO & Friedrich Naumann Foundation
Conceptualized, Written & Music: Abeer Kapoor
Game Development: Charu Tak
Edited & Proofreading: Yana Bey
Illustration & Visual Design: Meher Rajpal
The Stories of Antarjaal Nagar is a series of games that have been developed by The Civic Games Lab & SMART, with support from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation. ‘It’s In the Water’, a game on freedom expression online is one such game within this suite.
A mysterious sickness is spreading through the town of Antarjaal Nagar.
You must help investigative journalist Rakesh Kataria find out why this is happening – by finding answers to the several questions that arise in the course of uncovering a story. You must select the right locations around the town and help him string together pieces of info to lay bare a scam of epic proportions that is endangering the lives of the townspeople.

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